ZoVina: The origin story


Zovina, the myth, the legend.

A hybrid of our rather unusual names, ZoVina was birthed via Zozette and Navina’s great and diverse, love for music. Even though their playlists don’t always match, their great taste in music definitely does.

This blog combines all that is great in the music industry. Covering everything from pop acts, to legendary rockers, to Youtube sensations, to live shows, and upcoming artists. Where else on the internet can you find a kickass deal like this? (Spoiler: Nowhere.)

Like our page on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, if you need a little Zovina on your timeline. You could also subscribe to this supreme blog of awesome. You know you want to.

Business inquiries can be directed to us via zovina.music@gmail.com. Don’t be a stranger. Unless you are weird. And by weird we mean; you still have a mullet and/or wear Crocs. But hey, thanks for stopping by anyway.

The above, totally awesome photo, was taken by Sudhir Misra, photography extraordinaire.






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