New Music Video: Of Mice & Men – ‘Pain’


Post-hardcore band, Of Mice & Men have just pulled a Beyoncé and casually dropped a new music video for their latest single,’Pain’.

Taken off the bands forthcoming album, Cold World, ‘Pain’ is raw, aggressive and sees vocalist Austin Carlile reprise his pivotal role as the resident screamer of the band. But all this ferocity is lost amidst split screens and disturbing, exorcist-like body contortions that detract from the track itself.

Since Shayley departed from the band, I felt that Of Mice & Men lost their spark, their unusual charm in favour of more generic riifs that doesn’t differentiate them from any other band out there. This track sadly cements my suspicions. I really wish Aaron had some cleans in this. It just might’ve saved the track. Right now it just feels like a poor attempt to recreate, The Flood – with some Slipknot tendencies.

Mind you, after a few plays, l might like it. Who knows?

Watch the video below:



Cold World is due for release on September 9th.


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