Just For LOLs: Foo Fighters Parody Their Own Break Up


Is Dave Grohl leaving the Foo Fighters?

Is Foo Fighters drummer, Taylor Hawkins really pissed off with Dave for supposedly “going solo”?

Earlier this week, the press went beserk with the possible notion that one of the world’s biggest bands might be splitting up. Many die-hards were in disbelief at the very thought. While some were already mourning the fact that their favourite band may have “called it a a day.”

The rumours began after Dave’s solo tribute performance at the Academy Awards this past weekend. The band remained silent amidst the rumours, but last night, they broke their silence in one of the best ways possible- by parodying their own break up!

The hilarious spoof video features record producer, Butch Vig brainwashing Dave to pursue a solo career in electronica. That’s right. ELECTRONICA. While the rest of the band members consider potential candidates to replace Dave- one of them being former 98 degrees boy band member, Nick Lachey!

You can watch the video below:









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